Flash dead?

There’s been a lot of rumors going about over the past few weeks about Adobe killing off Flash, and the software giant has now confirmed that Flash on mobile devices is officially dead! Instead, in an official statement they have underlined its commitment to “aggressively” contributing to the development of HTML5, however they also confirmed that they would continue work on Flash for desktops. How long will this be the case for though? I think that this could be the first step in the demise of Flash, and it probably won’t be long before we are seeing Flash completely killed off.

Is Flash dead

VGA 1080p!

I was thinking after uni, when I’m back out in the real world (this time for good) I might buy an iMac for design stuff in the house, reason being other than getting a lovely bit of kit, I can get a 27″ screen, with 1080p, so I can have a decent size to design things on. Last year on placement I had one of the new 27″ iMac’s to work on and it was the shizz, then when I’d come home I would have to make do with 15.2″ on my laptop, this was previously 17″, but I downsized for portability reasons due to DJing.

Old TV

Rather than splash out a couple of grand on a new iMac, I have discovered that my Samsung 32″ LED monster supports 1080p through VGA, this gives me tonnes more room on screen which I will make good use of. Yes I could have done this through HDMI, but I lost my cable, and funds are low at the minute! One thing I do need to get is a wireless keyboard and trackpad, I could use these on my laptop, but my table that the TV sits on is a bit on the small side and I don’t wanna go blind at such a young age, plus the VGA cable I have isn’t the longest, again I could buy a longer cable, but I like the idea of being able to sit up in bed with just a keyboard and trackpad and do work, its what I normally do with my laptop and I’ve gotten used to the comfort!

By the way, unfortunately the TV in the image isn’t mine, I’d need to save up for a while for that bad boy!

Getting Experimental

Well this weeks lecture was on your journey as a designer, which was the Standardistas test run of the talk they will be giving at build, unfortunately I missed out on getting a student ticket so I wont be going, however I really enjoyed the talk and it gave me some inspiration to start working out all the kinks of the stuff for my major project!



Wolfgang Weingart

This week in the lecture, the guys gave us a really interesting talk on some of the hero’s of type for screen and print. I have quite a big interest in typography so it was good to hear what the Standaristas thought and what they were going to show us. The big two that they showed, for me, were Erik Spiekermann and Wolfgang Weingart, both legends in the typography field and who’s work I love. I decided that for my blog this week I would research Erik and Wolfgang in a bit more detail, as well as looking at a couple of other famous calligraphers.



After the lecture on Thursday I had to go to Millets to earn the penny’s (yesss!), even worse I had to leave the lecture early too, but I managed to get the majority of the class. The topic that the guys were talking about this week was content mix, what content should populate your blog and ultimately define you as a designer. They had an interesting story about a designer (who I can’t remember the name of) who had a blog running for a number of years and had a large amount of readers, to cut a not so long story short he began posting about baseball more and more and people got fed up and told him to stop talking about baseball so much.

I don’t want to become that kind of blogger, although I have a lot of interests outside of design I want to keep things as relevant as possible but still keep it interesting so people don’t know exactly what they are going to be reading every time they come on. The things I have to do are create an identity for myself and define my interests, by doing this the blog will slowly take shape and people will know what kind of thing they are getting if they come to the blog.

Pink Floyd - Dark side of the moon

Building my blog

This week I spent my valuable time creating a wordpress theme for my design blog… yes the one your reading now. Firstly I had to install wordpress locally, this wasn’t too difficult, I just followed the steps on the website and hey-presto, I had a blog! Unfortunately it wasn’t that simple, out of the box it didn’t quite look how I wanted it to, and the reason for this was because it automatically set to the standard theme “twentyeleven” (below), so I would have to make my own theme or edit another theme to make the blog my own.

Twenty Eleven Theme

Building my site

Website wireframe Final - Version 1

This week I got my site up and running, well a home page anyway, so that I can be found on the web and people can see a bit of what I do, whilst I build the rest of the site. So, as per usual with websites, first thing first, wireframes! I had been thinking of the design of my site for quite a while, but with me being asked to stay on for longer in placement, I never really got the chance.


Building on my ideas

Many Faces of Alan Rickman

This week I have been looking to build on the ideas for my major project. After speaking to Gabe on Thursday, I’m wondering whether I should go down the road of a blog-type website. As it could get a bit code heavy, and I would see myself as more of a designer than a developer. Instead of doing this type of site, Gabe suggested I could maybe look to something a lot more design based, using the technologies I already know well, and play to my strengths. Obviously the site would still have to push some sort of boundaries, this would be done by using HTML5 and CSS3 and using them to their full potential.

This is all well and good, but in order to do this, I think I am going to have to completely re-think my ideas. If I do decide to go down this route, I think I might do some sort of info-graphic, on what I’m not too sure yet, so I have been looking at some sites for ideas. (more…)

My Brand

Over the past few months, I have been thinking about redesigning the brand identity that I created for myself in 2nd year (the good old days). When I was on placement I had a lot of different ideas on what to do with it, so I grabbed the nearest thing to me (an envelope) and sketched down a variety of ideas.

Logo Sketches 1


Ok, so this is my first post so welcome!  I’m now into big, bad final year, scary stuff! I’ve got a feeling there is going to be a lot of work and learning in this year, but I’m looking forward to getting stuck in.

This week we were asked, as part of our DES511 lecture this week we were asked to do a pen portrait (50 words!!!), give 5 inspirational websites and finally describe 3 proposals for our final project, so here goes (in its unstyled format)!

Abduzeedo site