The Residency – Beta

Very quick post here, I’ll be editing this later.

The URL for the beta is:

So far, I have pretty much got everything done, but will be looking at the following things over the next week before launch:

- Code reuse (The site has been built with little consideration for code re-use, the main bulk of this is in the CSS, which I will halve in size.)

- Responsive design (I will be implementing a responsive layout to the site so that it is viewable across all platforms, currently I have tested it at 1366 x 768 resolution and it looks how it should, higher and low resolutions will not look as desired yet, with the exception of the blog)

- Scrolling lag (I have noticed that when scrolling certain elements the scroll can lag slightly, I will be optimising this quite considerably.)

- Blog design (I have partially styled the blog how I want it, so expect the layout of each post to change slightly.)

I think that is it so far, now go and enjoy the site :D