Illustration is something which I have always had an appreciation for, and managed to get some experience last year doing bits on placement for parts of branding etc. Im no professional, but on The Residency website, my vision is to have illustrations for each of the residents, as well as some of the biggest guests on the show so far. I got this inspiration from the website The Many Faces Of…, a site which was shown to me in the first week by Gabe, which has become a great source of Inspiration for me with my Major Project.

So, I decided to briefly try my hand at something I could potentially use on The Residency. I decided to use a picture of myself for this, which was taken at Halloween, as you might be able to notice (below).

M. Budden - Branded photo

So the first thing I did was opened the photo in Adobe Illustrator and use the Live Trace tool to create a vector image from the photo. I chose to use the colour mode, as I feel it will add a bit of variety when the illustrations are on the website, I also restricted the number of colours to 8, so that the image has a more illustrative rather than photographic look and corner angles to 14 degrees in order to keep small details in the image. The results of this can be seen below.

M. Budden - Illustration Edit 1

The next stage was to convert this illustration to one which I could edit, in order to do this I used the Live Paint tool to convert all lines on the picture into points, which can be moved/deleted etc. After a quick bit of editing, I managed to delete unwanted parts of the illustration and filling in other parts (see below).

M. Budden - Illustration Edit 2

Although this is a quick example, this has given me an idea of how tedious it can be to create illustrations from pictures. Although quick at first, if I wish to create illustrations to the standard of The Many Faces Of…, I will have to spend a decent amount of time on each illustration.