The Residency – Rebrand

For a good while now I have wanted to re-brand The Residency (The podcast/ radio show that my final project is based on), but to be honest haven’t had the time. The old logo is something which I did about a year ago, although I was happy with it at the time, it has been a bit of a pain when trying to work with it, this pain being that its too long! So with the build of my major project getting closer and closer by the day, and with some big things coming up for the brand (can’t reveal these yet) I decided that the time was now!

Residency Brand 2010

First thing I had to consider was typography, I had previously used Eurostile (above), a beautiful modernist typeface which I am a big fan of. I felt that the typeface gave quite a contemporary feel to the logo, which I liked, but was unsure whether it was time to go for a more classical “swiss” typographic style. If I going to do this I would have to pick a typeface to do it with and to be honest I knew straight away what it would be, this typeface would be Univers, again one of my all time favourites and one which I had been dying to use for a while. I pretty much had my mind made up at this stage, I thought it would be nice to freshen the brand up, as we had used Eurostile since 2009 (I know 2 years isn’t a long time, but I’ve grown as a designer and its nice to toy with your own brands if you aren’t entirely happy).

Of coarse for any design work, the moleskin came out, and I jotted down a few ideas, originally the idea was to create a icon as well as a wordmark and use them a long with each other. After all the sketching and trailing the web for inspiration, one of the sketches was jumping out at me as an idea, it turned out to actually be my first idea, so I got into illustrator and started trying out different ideas with my sketch.

I have to say, on its own, with a bit of tweaking to the leading, Univers worked really well with the name. I changed the “the” to 45 Light weighting, reduced the size by half, floated it to the top and made “Residency” 65 Bold, and with these Tweaks I must was very happy with the outcome. I actually was so pleased with the result that I was considering using it as the final version, however I thought I would push through with some more experimentation and see what more I could do with it (images below).

The Residency logo ideas 1

The Residency logo ideas 2

The Residency logo ideas 3

The Residency logo ideas 4

As you can see from these, I had a tonne of different ideas, all of which I tried to bring in more of a musical identity to the brand, this included things like the vinyl illustration, use of sequencer type bars, speakers, hand in the air type things… I tried everything I could possibly think of! The one idea that was screaming out at me was the circle, slip mat kind of idea (if you dont know what a slipmat is… its used on turntables to stop damage to the record when scratching etc… image below).

Technics 1210

So the type within the circle did work quite well, but there was something missing from it, I kind of felt like it was too simple, so I needed to add something to it to bring it out and make it a bit more unique. The first idea that came into my head was to add a stroke to the circle, from the two examples in the image below I could tell that I was going down the right path, but something still wasn’t quite fitting in.

The Residency logo with stroke

I then got some inspiration from looking at something that is a classic piece of kit, the Technics 1210 (Pictured in the slipmat image). The turntable has a red light beside the power button to let you know that it is on and to let you judge how much your touch is affecting the speed of the rotation when the turntable is playing, this was a genius idea from Technics and it brought about my final logo. When the light is on (if you see it in real life) the light extends round the turntable to a certain point and then starts to fade away, my idea was for the stroke on the logo to do the same. I did this by applying a custom stroke to the circle which allowed it get thinner when it reached a certain point, although this didnt have exactly the same extension that the light on the 1210 has it still worked really well and I was really happy with the final result. As you can see in the image below, I tried a few variations with the colour, but I think I am going to stick with the red as the main brand and the grey outline will be used as the greyscale version. The wordmark will be used on its own also when required, though this only be where the main logo cannot be used.

The Residency - Colour Experimentation

And I am proud to say… here is the final logo in all its glory.

The Residency - Final logo