The Residency – Beta

Very quick post here, I’ll be editing this later.

The URL for the beta is:

So far, I have pretty much got everything done, but will be looking at the following things over the next week before launch:

- Code reuse (The site has been built with little consideration for code re-use, the main bulk of this is in the CSS, which I will halve in size.)

- Responsive design (I will be implementing a responsive layout to the site so that it is viewable across all platforms, currently I have tested it at 1366 x 768 resolution and it looks how it should, higher and low resolutions will not look as desired yet, with the exception of the blog)

- Scrolling lag (I have noticed that when scrolling certain elements the scroll can lag slightly, I will be optimising this quite considerably.)

- Blog design (I have partially styled the blog how I want it, so expect the layout of each post to change slightly.)

I think that is it so far, now go and enjoy the site :D

The Residency – Logo rotation

I was thinking through some basic CSS3 features that I could implement in The Residency site, and thought I would quickly get something prototyped.

The Logo on the site appears at the top, in a prominent position, and I thought it would be quite a nice feature to allow the outer circle of the logo to rotate. So using some simple CSS3 rotation transitions and a fair bit of fiddling, I came up with this:

Its only a small feature, but I think it’ll bring the logo out a bit, rather than having it completely static.

The Residency – Thinking about layout

Well, its my first post after the break from Uni, and we’re in the first week. In my major project proposal I gave myself a timeline for the 12 weeks I have to complete the project, the first week of which I am looking into the design and layout of the site. Next week I had planned to spend time creating my illustrations and writing the body copy for the site, however I have started writing the body copy already, so I will spend that time next week doing some more work on the design.

Anyway, one thing I am definitely going to be implementing into the site is something I have long been an admirer of and seen implemented really nicely on some portfolio sites, Parallax Scrolling! Ok, if you haven’t heard the term before, you probably haven’t a clue what it is, but fear not, I’m here to enlighten you, plus you have probably seen it implemented on the web before.

Parallax Scrolling is normally found on retro 2D games, to give a sense of depth (see youtube video).

It is used in web design to allow multiple backgrounds in the one page, which can produce some really amazing effects, such as the Australian Red Cross’ Target Nuclear Weapons campaign, Design Agency iutopi’s website, and the one that started the whole trend – Nike Better World … which in my opinion is just amazing!

Ok with these pretty amazing sites in mind, I have a bit of work to do before I can achieve anything similar to the likes of Nike. The effect can be achieved using the jQuery-Parallax plugin, and I’m going to combine it with the illustrations I will be creating, using a different illustration for each section. I will also look into a few different Parallax backgrounds, maybe on the 3 main sections of the site, but I’ll have to see how difficult it becomes!

Branding Garvan Traynor

From our client brief on our live project we were asked to develop a brand and website for contemporary jeweller/craftsman Garvan Traynor! Before we were briefed, to be perfectly honest I didn’t know who he was or any of his work, but after the brief I had a good understanding on what he was about. I could tell even by the way that he dressed that his style was fairly minimalistic, this was also reflected during the brief telling us that his work had a modern and minimalistic style, he loved the work of the legend that is Dieter Rams, didn’t like garish colours and that his favourite band was kraftwerk. This was immediately generating ideas for both branding and the website, with a simple 3 colour palette also springing to mind.

As we had a fairly short time before presenting our initial ideas to Nick and Chris, as soon as I arrived home I got straight to work, well I made burgers first, 2 in fact, with chips and they were delicious (below).

Post Garvan Burgers

Live Project

I have been a busy boy building and designing (check out that for some bad ass alliteration) Garvan’s site and branding, so this is going to be short and sweet for the moment, I’ll be writing it up over the weekend! I have now written a blog post about the whole thing!

First is the brand options

Second is logo recommendation

Third is extra credit

And last but not least, the site

Bare in mind that the site is still under early development, but I will be making changes over the next few weeks to enable the full function of the image sliders and full cross browser compatibility.
Its all done now, so go check it out, you deserve it!

The Residency – Web Portal

Something that I never got to do before for The Residency is give it a web presence, so I decided back in September that I would buy the domain name with a view of building a site. Now with my major project centring around the The Residency in the form of an info-graphic styled site, by May I will have this in place, but in the meantime I would only have a holding page. So what I decided to do, is to build a portal, which would link to the show’s other online presences.


Illustration is something which I have always had an appreciation for, and managed to get some experience last year doing bits on placement for parts of branding etc. Im no professional, but on The Residency website, my vision is to have illustrations for each of the residents, as well as some of the biggest guests on the show so far. I got this inspiration from the website The Many Faces Of…, a site which was shown to me in the first week by Gabe, which has become a great source of Inspiration for me with my Major Project.

So, I decided to briefly try my hand at something I could potentially use on The Residency. I decided to use a picture of myself for this, which was taken at Halloween, as you might be able to notice (below).

M. Budden - Branded photo

Mylo Xyloto

Well I’m sure you’ve probably heard by now, but last month Coldplay’s highly anticipated 5th album Mylo Xyloto was released, and its very good! I’m not a huge Coldplay fan, but do like their stuff, so have a listen to the album if you haven’t already. Anyway, the music isn’t what this post is about, its about the album artwork, in particular the typeface. It was a custom font made specifically for the album, and thus has not been released, but I think its a really great piece of work. It is big, blocky and elegant at the same time, I really like the use of the outlines as well, it allows you to keep sight of the superb graffiti photography in the background.

Mylo Xyloto artwork

As you do when you see a great piece of type, I googled it, and as I mentioned before I couldnt find the actual typeface. Instead found a fan remake of it, although it hasn’t been fully completed yet, it is a great stab at it and he’s got pretty much all of the letters exactly the same. The font is aptly named Every Truetype is a Wisefont, after the recent Coldplay single, Every Teardrop is a Waterfall, released from the album. The font is available on DaFont, and its free so you may as well give it a download.

In honor of this great piece of work, I decided to re-make it, the differences are incredibly subtle, only a trained designers eye will notice the differences obviously and if you don’t notice them its ok, its not your fault.

Well Hello - M. Budden

The Residency – Rebrand

For a good while now I have wanted to re-brand The Residency (The podcast/ radio show that my final project is based on), but to be honest haven’t had the time. The old logo is something which I did about a year ago, although I was happy with it at the time, it has been a bit of a pain when trying to work with it, this pain being that its too long! So with the build of my major project getting closer and closer by the day, and with some big things coming up for the brand (can’t reveal these yet) I decided that the time was now!

Residency Brand 2010

The Fluid Web

Well… this week Chris and Nick are at build and we have been set free! Well, we have no lectures or lab classes, so I thought I would catch up on something that the guys were talking about a few weeks ago, the Fluid Web. The fluid web is something which 5 years ago wasn’t really deemed that important as most browsing was done from computers where space wasn’t a big issue. Nowadays however, pretty much everyone has a smartphone (if you don’t, why not?) and we are using them not only for the facebook and twitter but, believe it or not people are looking at other sites when they are on the go! It is for this reason why creating responsive websites has become a key part of web design, I haven’t made the leap to a responsive site yet so I am going to have a look at a few techniques used and try implementing them into my site!

Frameless Design